A chance conversation with fellow campers in the rugby club bar guided us to Wallington, because they have red squirrels. Our SATNAV had a problem with the new Morpeth bypass, but a complete chicken of a roundabout soon put us on the right road. The weather today is back to a cold wind, so the squirrels stayed at home! Brian has yet to visit Brownsea! Wallington has some nice walks through the grounds, again with interesting activists for children. They have a lovely wildlife hide with lots of feeders attracting numerous different bird species. We enjoyed watching bluetit, great tit, coaltit, wren, Chaffinch, siskin, gold Finch, blackbird, robin, tree creeper, nuthatch, greater spotted woodpecker, a small deer and a field mouse.
Did I mention the wind was cold? Went for a look at the house. An interesting collection and some 18th century tapestry with stunning colours even now.
One highlight was talking to a young conservator who explained that they use
Autosol paste, and then Renaissance wax on the silver and brass. This gives a slightly fuller finish, but is gentler on the metal. So I must start using that for my metal badges, and then​ on the county's.
Another highlight was this logcabin quilt, another idea for another quilt!