Shipping Forecast.
Those who like me, were brought up with the shipping forecast on the radio, you will understand why we just had to visit Malin Head. It's the most northerly part of Ireland and has also had a listening post for shipping and signals during WW2. Younger readers may recognise the cliffs on which the Millennium Falcon perches in the latest Star Wars film. So another film location for a film we've not seen!

the 80 Eire in the grass was to signify to WW2 pilots that they had reached neutral Eire. The scenery is very spectacular today and photos won't do it justice, but here is another one from Malin Head.

When we were at Elaghvale campsite we were told that the hill for we could see in the distance was worth a visit. So we make our way there expecting a short stroll uphill from a carpark. But to our surprise the carpark is very close, unfortunately it's a tourist attraction and the carpark has obviously been put in place for coaches. Just when we were thinking of a nice quiet still around this ancient structure the are two coach loads. But they only spend a very short time at Grianan of Aileach so after climbing some precarious steps we can take a photo of the camp from the hill.

and some other views

And the steps

and the only doorway.

It was built about 1700 BC

Then further on round the Wild Atlantic Way passed some stunning scenes