Last day of Archives Alive and we're all on our way. A fantastic week, exceptionally well organised, and 'full on' Made lots of new friends and have loads of ideas to apply to our county archives.
We decided to visit a couple of turns before returning to Edinburgh. So first stop Galashiels then onto Melrose. A quick walk round town and we find a wonderful small town museum focusing on the Roman influences and excavations in the area. A wonderful curator, really passionate about all of the exhibits. One of the many amazing artifacts was a piece of pottery with the makers finger marks still showing in the fire clay.
Then on to Melrose Abbey and another enthusiastic curator.
Found the pig playing the bagpipes gargoyle and the slab covering the burial spot of Robert​ the Bruce's heart.

Also having climbed the flights of stairs at least twice a day in Netherurd, I couldn't miss the 75 steps to the top of the bell tower.
Back at the campsite and more mundane household chores need attending to. But just couldn't resist a photo of the sky at 9.45pm