Athlone via a bog.
Well last night we didn't need our extra blankets, so perhaps the weatherman is going to get the bank holiday weather right!
Today we are going to a site near Athlone via the Bog of Allen Nature Centre.
The Bog of Allen is a raised bog, formed in a glacial lake and built up over millions of years. The centre is run as a charity with great exhibitions about the formation, use and conservation of bogs and their wildlife.

One of the exhibits is a 12,000 year old Great Irish Elk extinct since the ice age.

Apart from domestic fuel, peat is still used to fire 3 power stations in Ireland. It is hoped they will change to bio mass as fuel, but as with all things, the power companies are dragging their heels.
Our €5 each entry included tea and biscuits in the greenhouse. So we had to buy a couple of wildlife colouring books and give them a donation.

The greenhouse has a pond and bog garden, so I could take some for photos. Oh and a couple of a few of the frogs in the pond. The talks moved to fast!

And so onto the campsite on the lake near Athlone. And the view from the van window.

I think we'll enjoy the next couple of days.