The buses run regularly from just outside the site into Edinburgh every day including Sunday, so can have another day exploring. A day rider ticket is only £4 and allows us to po into a Scandinavian camping shop on the way into town. We view the saucepans we are considering, but need to check they fit the space we have. So a bus ride to another shop takes longer than we expect so we return to the centre of town and our booked your of Mary King's Close. An underground set of 16th century houses. Not originally underground, but they became the foundations of the Royal Exchange so some have been made into a tourist attraction. Nicely done with a knowledge guide dressed in costume of the time. Unfortunately I couldn't take photos as we were in the foundations of a government building. But we did have our photo taken, but declined the offer to buy it.
However we came across this wonderful group entertaining the crowds.

We then took a walk down a long flight of steps (there are lots here) to find a pub fit a swift drink, and found two together.

Then onto Holyrood House and the Parliament building. We were going to climb to Arthur's Seat, but ran out of time and I didn't bring my stick with me. So we had an ice cream instead. The Scottish Parliament building is very interesting architecturally. These are some Windows a at the rear of the building.

Each day as we walk to the bus stop and back we pass a field belonging to the site with two Highland cattle just like the ones we saw last year on Mull.