The sun is shining and we had hail.

We are traveling today slightly North East. The campsite we have been at, Tree Grove, just outside Kilkenny, had almost every hard standing pitch full last night. The sun and weekend has brought people out.
We drive to Dolman, one of the largest in Ireland. There is a convent carpark and tarmac walkway to the Neolithic structure in the middle of a field. No fee or protection, just a polite notice asking people not to graffiti the stones.

After checking out so for tonight we went to Ballykissangel, real name Avoca. I remember stopping here some years ago with me daughters and mother in law. We even stopped in the same free carpark. Our mission today was the woollen mill. Very touristy, but being Sunday we could visit the weaving sheds whilst the electric powered looms were silent. So the shed was quiet and we could talk to the veteran weaver as he used the man powered loom.

Brian was really pleased that the weaver found him some thrums, yarn waste, to small for the firm's use, but ideal for Brian's Inkle loom. We just have to sort it all out.
Next was a stop at Waters meet made famous by Thomas Moore. A lovely location, just a bit too much concrete.

And now or so for the night, a pub which is happy for us to stay in their carpark, with a view.