Lundy Island

A team organised by Itchen Valley ARC are operating from Lundy in the Bristol channel for IOTA - Islands on the Air. We sailed from Bideford just after 9am this morning on the MS Oldenburg with 250 passengers, bottled water, luggage in crates and 6 x 9 gallon barrels of beer. I wonder if the beer will be enough! The journey was about 2 hours, but quite rough with a sea state of 5/6 so the crew did a roaring trade in paper bags.

All the luggage was fortunately transported up the steep hill from the dock by tractor and eventually delivered to the appropriate accomodation. We are lodging in two locations Brian and I are with 3 other couples just outside the village overlooking the coast. The remaining 4 of our party are in a residence in the village where we will set up our radio shack.

There is a shop and a pub, and the prices are very reasonable considering everything has to be brought in by boat.