Woken at 7.30 am by a tipper truck delivering sand. But back to sleep till 9.
On to Cragside today. Now owned by National Trust this estate was once owned by William Armstrong who owned numerous engineering works in Newcastle. This was the originally his weekend retreat, but was extended and was the first house to have electric light. The electricity being provided by water power. The grounds were​ planned by Armstrong and his wife. The landscape was befeft of trees so they planted 7 million trees one of which now reaches 200 ft and is the tallest in England.

When a tree has​ to be felled or falls down it is often left for nature, but this one has been carved.

We had signed up for the engineers tour - the reason for our visit - so didn't have much time for a look at much in the house. Brian was pleased that some of the gentlemen's hats available to try, we his size.

Anyone thinking of a new kitchen might like to consider this dishwasher

Or one of these ranges